PCI-DSS (Data Security Standard)

PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), is a security standard of mandatory compliance within the payment card industry. The program is a result of a unification effort by the card schemes VISA, MasterCard, Discovery, JCB and AMEX of their own security programs, giving as a result what is today known as PCI-DSS and governed by the "PCI Security Standards Council" (PCI SSC).

The objective is to help merchants, service providers and financial entities reducing the fraud risk associated with the credit/debit cards by complying with a series of requirements.

What can WUL4 provide for PCI-DSS compliance?

WUL4 is a company specialized in Security consultancy & support along with the PCI standards: PCI-DSS, PA-DSS & PCI-PTS. WUL4 has colaborated in PCI-DSS v1.1, v1.2.1 & v2.0 audits for the most important service providers in Spain since the year 2009 in the following areas:

  • Documenting/Development of Procedures & Norms.
  • Training for customer's employees.
  • Gap Analysis in accordance with PCI standards.
  • Development of Enterprise Software Solutions for compliance.
  • Modifying and Adapting systems for compliance.
  • Consultancy/Support during, beofre and after the audit processes.

Our experience at WUL4, in payment card industry and security, as well as our services and products, allows us not only to evaluate the customer's status in regards to compliance according to the standards, but also to propose and deploy cost effective solutions in reasonable timeframe in order to guarantee compliance....

Looking further than PCI-DSS

Apart from the PCI-DSS compliance, WUL4 also provides consultancy & support services for PA-DSS, PCI-PTS as well as other standards within the payment card industry.

Additional information in our blog: Cumplir PCI
Or either, contact us through our email: info@wul4.es