Consultancy & Professional Services

Our team of consultants can help you with the following services:

  • Advice on PCI-DSS and related security standards. We help you transform your systems for PCI compliance as well as support your process before, during and after a security audit. Let us help you speed up your compliance process.
  • We help you wth your implementations of the payment platforms.
  • Deployment of HSMs and Key Management.
  • Digital Signature Implementations.
  • Astaro Security Gateway.
  • Penetration testing and Ethical Hacking.
  • Enterprise Applications developers/architects on-demand.

In WUL4, thanks to our achieved experience of more than a decade in payment systems, PCI-DSS, security, and our wide range of products & services, we do not limit ourselves to advise effectively but help you to anticipate and prevent any potential issues for future.

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