PrivateServer HSM (Hardware Security Module)

PrivateServer™ is ARX's highly secure (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 ), network attached, Hardware Security Module (HSM) that provides a secure environment for data encryption, Pin Mailer printing and secure application execution. PrivateServer conducts sensitive cryptographic operations, secure key storage, and management of a large number of keys. Due to Flexible and highly secure infrastructure, PrivateServer enables customers and partners to develop their own custom modules using .NET programming languages that are executed inside the HSM.

New! PrivateServer now offers an EKM plug-in that enables vendors to integrate with the Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 and provide cryptographic capabilities such as bulk encryption, decryption, and key management functions. The PrivateServer EKM provider is suitable for any organization that is bound to the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) regulations that require encryption of sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

PrivateServer HSM Key Features

  • PrivateServer EKM Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • PIN Mailer
  • Module Development Kit
  • EMV

Who is the Solution Aimed At?

PrivateServer is aimed at financial institutions, card issuers, and governmental organizations requiring security-related deployments such as the CA Signing Engine, EMV data preparation and card personalization, PIN verification, data encryption, and data signing.

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