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Why do we need a digital signature? Organizations throughout the world invest millions of dollars each year in automating their operations and business processes. As a result, electronic documentation permeates every aspect of the business workflow in industries ranging from engineering and healthcare to government and life sciences. Despite this, a hard copy is printed when a signature authorization is required on a document, requiring physical routing for signatures. The reintroduction of paper into the workflow increases organizational costs, requires additional time, and prohibits an organization from realizing the true benefits of a fully electronic workflow.

Digital signature solutions produce legally enforceable electronic records, closing the gap in going fully paperless by completely eliminating the need to print documents for signing. Digital signatures enable the replacement of slow and expensive paper-based approval processes with fast, low-cost, and fully digital ones.

Business Case

By enabling a fully automated workflow, digital signatures (secure electronic signatures) reduce the expenses and time allocations that paper-based signatures require. A paper-based signature is estimated to cost an organization upwards of $5.40 each (including printing, scanning, archiving, routing and replacing lost documents). An average authorized signer signs two documents a workday. With 20 workdays a month, the monthly paper signing costs can surpass $100 per signer.

In addition, digital signatures are essential for organizations within regulated industries with formal approval processes, as well as companies that need to route documents requiring authorizations from multiple offices or customers and partners. Due to its seamless integration with leading workflow and Content Management Solutions, the CoSign® digital signature solution enables automated formal approval processes from within an organization's existing workflow systems.

About CoSign® Digital Signatures

CoSign works seamlessly with all common document formats such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, InfoPath®, Adobe® PDF, AutoCAD®, Bentley® MicroStation, TIFF, and other document types. CoSign is standards-based (based on Public Key Infrastructure – PKI), avoiding vendor lock-in and allowing the document to be verified by anyone, anywhere, anytime without the need for proprietary verification software or third party support.

CoSign is offered in two versions – CoSign Desktop is meant for individual users, while CoSign Central is designed for a multiple-user organization. CoSign Central is based on easy-to-use software that communicates with a centralized and secure digital signature server. It is quick-to-deploy and ideal for mid to large sized organizations, offering seamless integration with content management and workflow systems. For smaller organizations (up to 10 signers), CoSign Desktop is offered as a standalone solution that does not require any hardware component. Learn more about the differences between CoSign Central and CoSign Desktop.

CoSign Digital Signature Features

Whether it is adding digital signatures/digital seals with the click of a mouse or having the ability to sign any document and turn it into a PDF, CoSign provides users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use digital signing solution. CoSign's design ensures that anyone can verify the signature and content integrity of a signed document anywhere at any time with a simple click, and it allows multiple signatures to be placed on a document (one after another) while maintaining the documents integrity.

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