CoSign Desktop Digital Signature Software

The CoSign® digital signature solution helps you cut costs and expedite business processes by automating your formal approvals affordably.

CoSign Desktop Features and Benefits

  • Digitally sign any document type- CoSign works with all standard file formats: Microsoft® Word, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft InfoPath®, Adobe® PDF, AutoCAD®, Bentley® MicroStation®, TIFF, and other document types.

  • Turn any document into a signed and sealed PDF - CoSign's integrated virtual signing feature converts any electronic document into a signed PDF. See how CoSign converts any document format into a digitally signed PDF.

  • Sign with a simple click of the mouse - No es necesario acceder como usuario registrado a una página web ni subir archivos (ni siquiera hace falta estar online); con un simple clic con el botón derecho del ratón se firma y se sella el documento.

  • Verify with a simple click of the mouse - Your partners/customers do not need to log into a website and/or download software. They simply right click to verify that you are the signer and that the document has not been modified since you signed it.

  • Add your graphical signature and reason for signing - The signer's actual graphical signature is placed on the document as well as the rationale for signing (such as I approve, I agree, etc.). This ensures intuitive acceptance by your external partners/customers.

  • Sign as often as you need - Since the CoSign digital signature technology is standards-based, the signature "lives" inside the document permanently and can be verified from within any Microsoft® Office or Adobe® Reader®. As such, the integrity and legal enforceability of the document is not dependant on a third party, with a proprietary electronic signature technology, that may one day go out of business.

  • Firme con la frecuencia que necesite: - A CoSign license comes with unlimited signing capability at no extra cost. In fact, the average CoSign user digitally signs over 500 documents a year.

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