WUL4 - Payment systems and security solutions

WUL4 is specialized in products, services and technological Solutions for Payment Systems, security and cryptography, Enterprise services and software development and consultancy services:

    WUL4 - Especialistas en criptografía y seguridad

We are providing our customers with Solutions for Payments Systems, logical security, PCI-DSS, cryptography, corporate services (SOA) and Cloud Computing, enterprise software development, implementation and monitoring of mobile platforms, training, consultancy, professional services and platform integration among other services. Our work is based on delivery concerned and highly skilled professionals with industry and market know-how and demonstrated experience.


We are involved in a continuous technology innovation process, we develop, train and provide consultancy on the latest software development technologies and trends.
In the Payment Systems area, we offer:

  • Solutions for Acquirer Banks
  • Solutions for Issuing Banks
  • E-Commerce Specialization


We are working with key market players in payment and health industries along with involvement in e-Government among other sectors.


In order to provide complete Solutions, we include our Partners products and services along with ours, enabling us to fulfil the business requirements of our customers. This allows us to adapt our offering to the requirements in order to offer highly customised solutions.